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About Us

Sofmag Enterprises Ltd(SEL) is a Kenya-based translation and language consultancy agency established in 2007. It is located in Nakuru county, Rift Valley region in Kenya.

As an agency, SEL works with highly skilled, native, in-house, and freelance translators, to offer quality services. Please contact us to know the languages we frequently provide.

Please send an email indicating the target language or languages you need, source language, number of words of your text, topic, and purposes of your translation project, and your source text and we will send you a quote soon. We are connected to many translators worldwide and are well-placed to find the translator and/or reviewer you need.

Due to our geographical location, we mainly provide East African languages but are slowly expanding to include more African languages and languages worldwide based on client requirements.

Any and all information you provide is treated as confidential information and will be used for the sole purpose of providing the requested services by the agreed date and time.

About the founder

Founder Sarah Wachilonga is a seasoned freelance translator with now over 10 years of experience as a translator. Her love for languages and focus on quality has led to a sizeable satisfied client base.

She aims at empowering freelance translators and ensure they receive fair compensation for their work since most freelance translators are often undervalued and underpaid for their work. The motivation for forming the company was to create a fair and transparent translation industry that values the contributions of freelance translators. She advocates for fair pay rates across the industry, and she is committed to ensuring that Sofmag Enterprises Ltd pays its translators fairly and equitably.


Our Services


Our goal is to ensure that your intended message is clearly communicated to your intended audience.

Editing, Revision and Proofreading:

Birth certificates, academic transcripts, articles of association, passports and certificates, etc.

Quality Analysis:

We take keen note and make sure we have a keen eye on the quality of your final text, we also give our genuine opinion on the quality of the translation rendered.

Language consultancy:

We facilitate the translation and transcription of a number of Kenyan languages.

Contact Us

Reach Us Through:

Company Name: Sofmag Enterprises Ltd
Phone No: +254 725 630 779
Email Address: sckwachilonga@sofmagenterprisesltd.com
Postal Address: P.O. Box 17265-20100